Carpet cleaning – How to do it and why?

Carpet cleaning is something that people prefer to leave to professionals because it’s hard to do correctly. And they are right as carpets are hard to clean due to the amount of dirt they collect.

Vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis won’t keep it as clean as you think as dirt and dust goes deep within pores of the rug. If you own a cheap carpet, then you don’t have to worry about cleaning it as the stitching and knots aren’t as sophisticated on that carpet as they are on an expensive product.

Hand-made carpets and other products that are expensive will collect a lot of dirt which you won’t be able to clean with a vacuum.

Types of carpet cleaning – Wet wash

Types of carpet cleaningWet carpet cleaning is the most popular way to clean carpets, and many professionals use this way to finish the job. The whole process involves the use of a chemical reagent that dissolves soil and oil within the carpet. That is washed away by almost boiling pressurized water that gets injected into the mat.

The final step of this process requires the use of a power vacuum that will extract the water along with everything else within the carpet. If you want to do this alone then checking cordless vacuum cleaner best buys should be high on your list.

Wet wash is excellent for extracting soil and other elements from the deepness of the carpet (expensive carpets are thick, and thus this helps a lot) due to use of hot water and chemicals. Many carpet manufacturers recommend wet washing as it is a highly efficient way to clean their products.

One of the most significant disadvantages of wet washing is the fact that it requires expensive equipment. This means that you won’t want to do it alone due to the cost of the cleaning.

Absorbent pad carpet cleaning – Is it any good?

Another way to clean the carpet is to use an absorbent pad. This cleaning option is excellent as it doesn’t cost a lot of money if you want to do it alone. It uses circular speed to impregnate carpet fibers with one of many chemical solutions you can use.

One of the most significant downsides of this type of carpet cleaning is that it only succeeds in cleaning one-third of the product. This, however, is excellent if you want to keep your carpets at their best without sending them to the professionals. Using this every once in a while to clean the carpet isn’t a way to go as professional cleaning is a better option for that.

You can use absorbent pad carpet cleaning on a regular basis to prevent dirt and soil from ruining the aesthetic look of the product. This type of cleaning does a bit more than regular vacuuming, and thus you can go for regular vacuuming instead of wasting time on the absorbent pad and everything else it requires to work. Buying one of the vacuums from the link from this article is the best way to do it.