How to clean a carpet like a pro?

In the recent years, many people decided to ditch the carpet and leave their floors bare. But, rug gives your home a special warmth and help you feel like at home. On the other hand, if your house is full of carpets, then it has to be a real nightmare to clean them. You can always choose to hire cleaning professionals, but their services aren’t cheap, and we all know that you need to clean carpets regularly, which can involve a lot of money. So, if you want to take things into your own hands, then we have a couple of cleaning advice.

Learn how to vacuum

carpet-cleaning-serviceYou would think this is a basic thing all people know, but you are wrong. Keep in mind that a lot of soil gathers at the door. In this case, a lot of cleaning experts recommend placing mats in front of the door, but also inside. Keep in mind that you need to clean them frequently. Experts say that 85% of the soil in the carpet is the dry soul and when its rooted in carpet fibers, it can cause permanent damage.

Carpet manufacturers recommend you should vacuum your house at least once a week, for each person living in your home. A high – traffic areas in your house should be vacuumed daily, especially if you have pets. So, when you are vacuuming, always push the vacuum away from you and then pull it back slowly, to remove all the soil from carpet and don’t wait for the bag to be full in order to empty it.

Why and how to clean the carpet deeply

Deep carpet cleaning should happen every 12 to 18 months to remove trapped soil. If your carpet is under warranty, then you will have to use a professional carpet cleaning service. But, if you decide to clean it on your own, know that biggest mistake people make is when they use too much soap. In this case, more is not better because too much product can leave residue and firm texture and it can be hard to clean everything. So, when you are using some cleaning product, make sure to read instructions and mix proper ration of water and detergent.

Pro carpet cleaning tips

The fresher the stain, the more comfortable to clean. The best substance that dissolves most of the matters is water. It is essential not to smear the stain, instead of that, you have to blot. For example, if you have red wine spilled over your carpet, you can use white towel and pour salt over stain. Allow it dry completely before you use vacuum. On the other hand, you can use white wine or vodka, this will only work, if you use this method first.

Also, hydrogen peroxide can be a useful solution when removing stains. But, you will have to repeat this method several times before the stain is completely removed. Just spay this solution over the stain and let it sit.