Meticulous house cleaning always includes carpet cleaning

It’s hard to synchronize tough rhythm and crowded schedules of modern lives with regular house cleaning, especially thorough cleaning of all premises. It is why more and more people opt for handling this necessity to professionals and specialized house cleaning companies. When it comes to regular, routine and superficial cleaning, such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, you might even do it yourself. However, every once in a while, you will have to throw meticulous and detailed cleaning that should always include deep carpet cleaning provided properly and efficiently. It is best done by carpet cleaning services, and the method technicians will use to clean your rugs and carpets will depend on several aspects.

Cleaning methods vary depending on the size and fiber type of your carpets, as well as on the required time span for drying. Here’s a brief preview of commonly used carpet cleaning methods. It is recommended to consult specialized technicians when choosing the cleaning method, but if you get familiar enough with each method, you may choose on your own when hiring a cleaning company.

Hot carpet cleaning (aka. Wet carpet cleaning)

Hot carpet cleaning is somewhat in between deep carpet cleaning and routine vacuuming. Namely, the system uses specific absorbent compound installed into fibers after the carpet had been vacuumed at first. The compound is wet, and it absorbs soil and dirt from the superficial layer of the carpet. After few minutes, the compound absorbent is vacuumed all together with the pulled-out dirt. It takes a short period for the carpet to dry and it’s not going to cost you significantly. However, deeper layers of the carpet will stay dirty, and there’s a risk of a certain amount of absorbent remaining after vacuuming.

Bonnet (or dry) carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning is not dry. It only provides a short period required for carpet drying. In fact, dry cleaning system uses specific liquid or chemical solution that is spilled over the carpet at the beginning of the process. After that, buffing machine presses its pad (or bonnet) against the carpet and pushes liquid deeper to absorb the dirt and soil. After the area is brushed and appears cleaned, the pad is removed and exchanged with the clean one. The bonnet absorbs the liquid, and the dirt goes with it. This method provides solid cleaning, but it won’t be quite effective if the carpet is heavily soiled.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

HWE is commonly referred to as steam carpet cleaning. If you’re looking for truly thorough cleaning of your carpets, this method is an ideal option. The process includes pre-cleaning of the carpets with specific chemicals that will break down the soil, but spare the quality of fibers. In the next phase, the system applies a combination of hot water rinse and a powerful vacuum to dirty water that contains all the dirt, soil, allergens, bacteria and other particles pulled out of the deepest layers of the carpet. The result will be obvious because the carpet will be completely revitalized, but the only disadvantage is the longer period required for drying.